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4/25 ワークショップを開催しました




1st Part   Happy Maps

2nd Part  Magazines fixate on the roots of poverty


ブログでは1st topicを紹介させていただきます。

TEDを使って、Daniele Quelcia さんがは開発したユニークな、目的地までの経路検索アプリについてディスカッションしました。


Happy maps: Daniele Quelcia

1: To find your way, do you use your phone? Before smart phones came up, how did you find your way?


2: How do you find a new shop or restaurant? Which way is the most convinient or best for you?


3: When we travel, we can use the packaging tour or travel by ourselves. Which one do you prefer? Why? Please share the good and bad points of them.

4: Daniele made new mapping app. Do you want to use it? Which one do you want to select (fastest, beautiful, quiet or happy)? How would your life change by using the app?

5: What is the important for you to get your life happier?