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5/9 ワークショップを開催しました。




1st Part   Why do you love the world?

2nd Part  How not to be ignorant about the world


ブログでは1st topicを紹介させていただきます。

TEDを使って、 Hans RoslingとOla Roslingの親子のスピーチから「先入観」や正しい情報を得る方法についてディスカッションしました。


2nd part  How not to be ignorant about the world

Q1. Did you win against chimps?

      How did you feel after listening to those answers?


  -How did the number of deaths per year from natural disaster change during the last century?

   - In the world as a whole, did it more than double, odid it remain about the same, or did it decrease to less than half?

         -How long did women 30 years old in the world go to school; seven years, five years or three years?

         -In the last 20 years, how did the percentage of people who live in extreme poverty change?

          Extreme poverty- not having enough food for the day.

          Did it almost double, did it remain the same, or did it halve?


Q2. Where are you from?  Are there any overt or obvious biases that the average person holds?

      Have you ever misunderstood something because of your biased view?

      Please share your experience.


Q3. In 2015 world press freedom index, Japan is ranked No.61.!/index-details/JPN


      What do you think about this result?

      Do you have any ideas as to why japan is ranked No.61?


Q4. In regards to this presentation, how do you get correct information?

      If you know some tips about collecting valid and reliable information, please share them with us.