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まず、前半はTEDの“The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain”を事前に予習してから以下の質問についてディスカッションしました。 

The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain


Q1: Do you think of yourself as an introvert or extrovert?  Why do you think so?  If you have both aspects, in which situations are you introvert and which are you an extrovert? 

Q2: Have you ever regretted not pursuing something that you really wanted?

Q3: Which one would you rather be: the best talker or a person having the best idea if you had to choose one?

Q4: How do you feel when you go into nature, such as mountains, sea or the like? Can you refresh your mind and get back to nature?

Q5: Do you have items that you always have in your bag or suit case when you go somewhere? If you do, please explain where you bring them and why you need them.




続いて、 後半は日経ASIAN REVIEWの記事を事前に予習してから以下の質問についてディスカッションしました。 

Australian moms competing with Chinese for baby formula


Q1: When you go shopping, do you have a specific plan, such as a maximum amount you are prepared to spend?

Q2: Have you ever felt an irresistible impulse to buy something?  If you have, do you remember what it was that you wanted and did you give in to your impulses or not?

Q3: Have you ever purchased the same products a lot in Japan or abroad?  If you did, please explain why?

Q4: Have you ever seen foreigner’s buying items in Japan in bulk? If so, what kind of items did they buy and how did you feel about it?

Q5: According to the article, reactions from Australians to the bulk-buying by Chinese seems to be more radical than that from Japanese. Please share your opinion about why the reactions are so different.  


 日本では、中国人観光客の買い物は、インバウンド消費・爆買い等と呼ばれ、歓迎されているようですが、オーストラリアや香港では問題になっているようです。 皆さんはどう思いますか? 僕の参加したグループでは、「オーストラリアは人口が2000万人しかいなく、マーケットが小さいから爆買が問題になる」「中国人は福島原発事故以降、日本の粉ミルクは買わないから大丈夫」等の意見がありました。色んなメンバーでディスカッションをすると普段自分が考えないことを聞けたりしてとても面白いですよ。