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Hope the pandemic could end and we can meet each other soon!


Long time no see everyone. It is 天天.

What a shame that members can not meet face to face in this unusual period. Thanks to the advanced technology that we can chat on the internet wherever we were.

I came back to Japan last month and experienced a very free 2-week-isolation. But honestly, it is hard to adapt to the new-normal since China and Japan are in absolutely different circumstances.

I would love to introduce a book and share a trip with you guys today.

I am reading three books at the same time now and would like to accommodate one of them.

The book is the original version autobiography of Mr. Obama, A Promised Land. This book is a memoir of the life in the White House of his presidency. It is a very readable book (but very long) since we live in the same era and have experienced the same incidences - like the economic crisis, withdrawal from Iraq, Affordable Care Act, and so on- in that eight years. I can feel the intelligence and warm heart of Mr. Obama and the insights of this most powerful person in the world when making important decisions while reading the book.

Last week, I went to Shirahama to travel. We went to 円月島, 千畳敷, 三段壁, and some great scenic spot. We also enjoyed a lot of fresh and delicious seafood. Before going back to Osaka we went to Nagasa Beer -a craft beer manufacturer- and had a drink at last.






Hope the pandemic could end and we can meet each other soon!