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1st topic : The art of misdirection

2nd topic : Every one has his taste.


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Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection
Q1. If you could control somebody's attention, what would you do with it?
Q2. Do you have the power of concentration?
Can you count how many times the players wearing white pass the basketball in the video?
  How did it go?  What do you think about it?
Q3 Have you ever experienced that you were much too focused on one thing to care about others?
     And do you think it is good thing or not?
Q4 Could you experience ‘Color bath effect’? (カラーバス効果 日本語サイト)
    1. Choose one color (red, blue, yellow and so on).
    2. Find something with color you chose on the way to your office..
    Did you find something which you always miss?
Q5.There is a lot of kinds of misdirection out there.
     In a medical field, when the doctors exaggerate risk of cancer,
  most people become scared  and are examined. As a result they can get early treatment.
      Do you think it is good way or not?
      What do you think about TV commercials, travel brochures and so on?